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World IC

World Impact Centre

To enable a paradigm shift on our Planet for the Mankind & Nature to thrive

The world’s most significant Impact Centre​

impact investing

Attract and connect impactful businesses


impact investing

Support the MENA region to become NET ZERO by 2050


impact investing

Unite knowledge, infrastructure and people




  • Family Offices & Financial Institutions​

  • Businesses & Start-ups​

  • Academics, Universities​

  • Public Policy Makers​


  • Impact Investing Fund for early-Stage Projects – USD 300m

  • Impact Investing Fund for growth Stage Projects – USD 1bn​

  • Impact Philanthropy Fund for High Impact Projects –USD 300m


Attracting impactful businesses with special focus on the food, health, water and energy sector and rendering support to MENA region in transformation to NET ZERO by 2050​


  • Weekly Impact Investing TV show​

  • Impact Shark Tank​

  • Yearly Award “Blue Planet” 

Global Branding​

  • World’s largest Impact Centre contributing to 17 SDGs of United Nations ​

  • Setting up a National Advisory Board of Impact Investing of MENA region (Membership GSGII)​

Impact Investing Hub ​

  • Impact Incubator​

  • Impact Accelerator​

  • Impact Science & Technology Park ​

  • R&D​


Help Develop the World Impact Centre

You can be part of the positive change today

World Impact Center Donation Pledge

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  • WIC will be a physical centre for the best-in-class technologies and consequently become a cradle of sustainable development with human centricity.

    This center will be a focal point for international investments, innovative businesses and professionals.​

  • We plan to build the WIC in MENA region.

  • Education, funding, businesses development, worldwide media production, global branding, incubation, acceleration, research and development.

  • Yes, research and development will take place in order to help develop the impact technologies to improve social and environmental impact.

  • Private and Institutional investors, entrepreneurs, governments, foundations and other organizations.

impact investing

People – Prosperity – Private – Planet – Partnership – Public​

Fairness and social justice

All businesses have equal access to resources they need to thrive, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic status.​

impact investing
impact investing


Encourage innovation, scale existing and create new solution-oriented products and services, benefiting people and the planet.​

World Impact Centre Values

Interconnectedness of Humans with Nature

Use Nature’s wisdom to create new technologies allowing prosperity and harmony for all beings. 

impact investing
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