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Prosperity with Purpose

Empowerment Through Impact Investment: Crafting a Future Where Every Dollar Creates Change and Every Investment Amplifies Impact.

We Are Our Mountains

Founded by Ruben Vardanyan and partners, the Agency practices a goal-oriented approach based on human values, respect, integrity, and courage.

We Are Our Mountains

Dynamis kick-starts vital infrastructure projects
by providing capital & know-how in early phases.


A leading UAE business group with a 165-year legacy spanning multiple and large projects

Alserkal Group

Taino People protect their ancestral sanctuaries and  preserve their sacred heritage.

Humming Bird Taino People

We engage with the youth of today to bring a generational change in the way we consume and dispose plastic.

Ervis Foundation

The WGF empowers young girls globally through leadership and skill development programs

World Guide Foundation

Largest Animals Shelter in New Delhi - India

The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre

An innovative initiative dedicated to empowering Nigerian youth

Protect Our Planet – Nigeria

An alliance for all keystone species

Keystone Species Alliance

Tropical forest conservation

with significant esg impact

Project Platonia

A nature-based solution for biodiversity


Putting sustainability and Nature at the heart of learning

The Harmony Project

Hydrogen From Renewables


Bridging Hope. Upholding Dignity.

Voice of the Free

Put Your Brand In Everyone's Hand!

Free Water

Invest in a positive society and healthy environment

ESG Portfolio Management


Explore the enterprises and philantropic organizations we empower through positive impact 

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