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Impact Investing Solutions
Sveta and Ben Banerjee. Impact Investing Solutions

About Us

We are Sveta & Ben, partners in business and in life. As a result, we developed expert tools and a powerful infrastructure to help entrepreneurs and organizations succeed in attracting impact investing capital.

Our Values


We help family offices, private and institutional investors to shift capital towards impact investing.
We enable businesses to become investable to attract the deserved capital and make our planet a better place.
We support governments to create Impact Investing Hubs - cradles of sustainable development with human and nature centricity.

Impact Investing


With the existing four pillars – Education, TV Show, Certification, Impact Community Platform – we help our clients on their impact journeys to achieve the desired results.
The fifth pillar – The World Impact Investment Centre is currently in development stage – will unite the whole ecosystem by contributing to the 17 SDGs of the United Nations and enable a paradigm shift towards impact investing.  



We aspire to cultivate thriving and joyous societies across our planet, encircled by a preserved and vibrant mother nature for both current and future generations.

Therefore, we are committed to accomplishing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), supporting everyone who shares this endeavor, and taking an active lead to expedite this transformation.

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Sveta Banerjee

Sveta is a leading expert in impact investing sector worldwide and is supporting family offices and other financial institutions as an advisor to transform their assets to create both, profit and impact.

She supports innovative Entrepreneurs to become investable and get the funds to scale their positive impact and created the first Impact network of Switzerland.

Impact Investing solutios, profi, esg investing, social investing

Ben Banerjee

Ben is an experienced entrepreneur and internationally known thought leader in the field of Impact Investment.

Ben is Advisory Board Member to two Global Think Tanks, East West Institute and Climate Leadership Coalition and advisor to governments and Major Funds. He has been successfully active in this sector for more than two decades.

Impact Investing solutios, profi, esg investing, social investing

Sergei Ponomarev

Sergei is responsible for the certification programs and educational content.

PhD in Political Science, co-founder of IIIC Galileo, certified expert in the field of social entrepreneurship and impact measurement with more than 20 years of experience. Sergei is specialized in social engineering, education and consulting for impact startups.

Impact Investing solutios, profi, esg investing, social investing

Ivan Ransom

Ivan is a sustainability specialist with more than 5 years of experience in climate change, environment and resilience.

His vision on sustainability combined with his technical expertise allow him to develop innovative projects to solve socio-environmental problems and transform business as usual models into sustainable ones through a comprehensive approach supported by scientific research.

Impact Investing solutios, profi, esg investing, social investing

David Martinez

David is a Complex Systems and Data Science Specialist, holding a Doctor of sciences degree with Honors and authoring several international scientific articles regarding Health Sciences and Complex Systems.

David is also an expert programmer and his passion is to answer questions and make predictions using mathematical models and machine learning models.

Impact Investing solutios, profi, esg investing, social investing

Stephen Brenninkmeijer

Stephen is a private investor with interests in climate change, impact investing and education. For 30 years he was involved in family-held retail business, C&A in USA, Japan, England and throughout Europe.

He has been active in impact investing since 2002, and founded Willows Investments in 2008 with the aim of supporting promising ventures with a social mission, including those below.

Impact Investing solutios, profi, esg investing, social investing

Alessia Minkus

Alessia is a multi award winning entrepreneur that has started and run companies over the last 20 years generating a total of $500M revenue.

During the last few years she has partnered and/or shared the stage with icons like Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Randy Zuckerberg, Kevin Harrington and more.

Our Team of experts

A multicultural and multidisciplinary team united under the same goal.

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