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Sveta and Ben Banerjee. Impact Investing Solutions

About Us

We are Sveta & Ben, partners in business and in life. As a result, we developed expert tools and a powerful infrastructure to help entrepreneurs and organizations succeed in attracting impact investing capital.

Our Values


We help family offices, private and institutional investors to shift capital towards impact investing.
We enable businesses to become investable to attract the deserved capital and make our planet a better place.
We support governments to create Impact Investing Hubs - cradles of sustainable development with human and nature centricity.

Impact Investing


With the existing four pillars – Education, TV Show, Certification, Impact Community Platform – we help our clients on their impact journeys to achieve the desired results.
The fifth pillar – The World Impact Investment Centre is currently in development stage – will unite the whole ecosystem by contributing to the 17 SDGs of the United Nations and enable a paradigm shift towards impact investing.  

impact investing


We aspire to cultivate thriving and joyous societies across our planet, encircled by a preserved and vibrant mother nature for both current and future generations.

Therefore, we are committed to accomplishing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), supporting everyone who shares this endeavor, and taking an active lead to expedite this transformation.

impact investing


Recognizing the importance of such an initiative in addressing critical global challenges such as climate change, food security, and energy transition, the Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Ali Rashed Ali Saeed Al Maktoum has become a Patron of Impact Investing Solutions to establish the World Impact Centre (WIC) in the UAE.

impact investing
impact investing


Sveta Banerjee

impact investing

Sveta is a leading expert in impact investing. She supports innovative Entrepreneurs to become investable and get the funds to scale their positive impact.

Co - Founder

Ben Banerjee

impact investing

Ben is an experienced entrepreneur and internationally known thought leader in the field of Impact Investment. Ben is Advisory Board Member to two Global Think Tanks and advisor to governments and Major Funds.

Strategy Manager

Sergei Ponomarev

impact investing

PhD in Political Science, co-founder of IIIC Galileo, certified expert in the field of social entrepreneurship and impact measurement with more than 20 years of experience.

Head IT Development

David Martinez

impact investing

David is a Complex Systems, Machine learning and Data Science Specialist, holding a Doctor of sciences degree and authoring several international scientific articles regarding Health Sciences and Complex Systems.

Marketing Manager

Mannat Mohan

impact investing

From client needs to strategic solutions, Mannat leverages almost 3 years of experience and an MSc in Marketing (in progress) to unlock the brand's outreach potential.

Operations Manager

Puru Rohilla

impact investing

With experience in market analysis, event management, partnerships and outreach, he is focused on Impact Investment, SDGs and Social Entrepreneurship.

Social Media Manager

Carlo Angeles

impact investing

Carlo is an expert in the intersection of sustainable development and communications, with a decade of experience working at local, national and international level.

Business Adviser

Stephen Brenninkmeijer

impact investing

Stephen is a private investor with interests in climate change, impact investing and education. For 30 years he was involved in family-held retail business, C&A in USA, Japan, England and throughout Europe.

Business Adviser

Alessia Minkus

impact investing

Alessia is a multi award winning entrepreneur that has started and run companies over the last 20 years generating a total of $500M revenue.

Business Adviser

H.E Prof. Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

impact investing

H.E Prof. Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim has served as the 6th and First Female President of the Republic of Mauritius. She also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a renowned biodiversity scientist.

Business Adviser

Thoo Wee Meng

impact investing

Senior partner responsible for Asset Management and Investment strategy in Private Markets focusing on Private Credit, Private Equity and Venture.

Our Team of Experts

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