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H.E. María Susana Muhamad’s Reflections on Forgiveness and Peace with Nature

Her Excellency Susanna Muhammad, Colombia's Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, recently delivered a compelling speech as the nation prepares to host COP16. Emphasizing Colombia's innovative approach to peace and environmental restoration, Minister Muhammad outlined how the country's peace process uniquely incorporates ecological reparations,a practice deeply meaningful to Colombia's indigenous and black communities, the most affected by ecological disturbances from conflict.

Minister Muhammad’s message extended beyond traditional environmental discourse, focusing on reshaping our relationship with nature. She urged moving away from viewing nature as a mere economic resource, highlighting the need for a spiritual and respectful connection with our environment. This perspective is crucial in the face of the climate crisis, exacerbated by humanity's overreliance on fossil fuels and disregard for natural limits.

The upcoming COP16, hosted in Colombia, isn't just another conference; it's a platform for diverse voices and traditional wisdom to converge in finding solutions for environmental challenges. Minister Muhammad's invitation is a call for global participation in what she describes as the "people's COP," focusing on making peace with nature.

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