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The 2nd Freedom of Expression Debate

We are thrilled to share the success of our recent event, the 2nd Freedom of Expression Debate, which took place on Monday, 11th March 2024 at the Salle Communale de Coppet. This event, organized by our partners SIIA, 4IP Group and GIIA, brought together an esteemed panel of speakers and engaged participants to delve into the nuanced topic of "Does ESG Have a Trust Deficit?" Let's take a moment to reflect on the highlights of this intellectually stimulating evening.

At the heart of the debate were two formidable teams, each comprising individuals dedicated to presenting compelling arguments and engaging in spirited discourse. Their eloquence, expertise, and commitment to the debate's spirit made it an enriching experience for all:

Team 1 (Moving The Motion): Ben Banerjee (Team Captain), Yves Carnazzola, Nadia Balgobin, and Mohit Choube.

Team 2 (Opposing The Motion): Juan Carlos Lara, CFA (Team Captain), Patrick Schirmann, and Florence Anglès, Dr. B.A., CAIA, FDP, CESGA.

The pre-debate vote, which saw a resounding 90% in favor of the motion "ESG has a trust deficit," set the stage for a compelling discussion. However, the post-debate vote revealed a fascinating shift, with 57%, ultimately siding against the motion. This demonstrates the impact of the thought-provoking arguments presented by both teams.

The debate was not merely an exercise in rhetoric; it had a tangible impact on perspectives. The pre-debate vote overwhelmingly favored the motion, but through the course of the discussion, opinions evolved. The post-debate vote revealed a fascinating shift, indicating the profound influence of the debaters' arguments on the audience.

Congratulations to Team 2 for emerging victorious in this spirited debate! Your outstanding performance and persuasive arguments deserve commendation.

We extend a warm thank you to the participants who attended and supported this event. Your presence contributed to the vibrant atmosphere of intellectual exchange.

For those who couldn't attend or wish to revisit the captivating discussions, we invite you to watch the recording of the event in three parts.

Watch to delve into the thought-provoking exchanges that unfolded during the debate. Stay tuned for future events, as we embark on a journey of exploration, enlightenment, and meaningful discourse together!

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