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Research at Sea - Winners announced!

Ocean Enthusiasts!

Building from last week World Ocean Day we share exciting updates.

The "Research at Sea" competition that aims to foster a global community of young scientists has announced its winners for 2024:

  • Team Cuxhaven: Lara Marsell and Emely Schüler will study diatoms in the North Sea from June 25th to 30th.

  • Team Tuttlingen: Serafina Uhl, Melissa Horras, Frieda Greiling, and Greta Banzha will investigate seagrass meadows in the Bay of Lübeck from July 15th to 20th.

  • Team Rostock: Luca Sauck, Luise Koball, and Arian Wulf will research the spread of the tubeworm in the Bay of Mecklenburg from July 21st to 26th.

These three teams that have won a trip on board for the competition this year! The "Research at Sea: Young Scientists" program is an initiative designed to provide young and early-career scientists with hands-on experience in oceanographic research. The program aims to train the next generation of ocean scientists by offering them practical sea-based research experiences. This helps in preparing them for future roles that require managing and leading oceanographic research projects. Participants engage in a variety of experiments, such as studying ocean currents, marine life, and other oceanographic phenomena. They also learn about the logistics of conducting research at sea, including equipment management and collaboration with ship crews.

Young scientists are trained in organizing research tools, managing paperwork, understanding vessel capabilities, and coordinating with the ship's crew. This comprehensive training ensures they are well-prepared to conduct independent research in the future. The program is open to graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and early-career scientists. Participants are usually selected based on their research proposals and past academic achievements.

By providing real-world research experience, the program helps to build a strong foundation for participants' future scientific careers. It also enhances their ability to contribute to critical oceanographic research that can influence naval operations and environmental policies.

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