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Impact Investing Solutions Joins Forces with Abu Dhabi Declaration of Sustainable Finance

We at Impact Investing Solutions (IIS) are excited to share our latest milestone in our journey towards fostering a more sustainable world. It is with great pride that we announce our endorsement of the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Declaration – a testament to our long-standing mission of aligning investment with positive social and environmental outcomes.

This declaration, born from the visionary Abu Dhabi Global Market, is not just a commitment on paper; it is a shared vision of a financial system that works hand in hand with the United Arab Emirates' ambitious climate and sustainability goals. As we become an official signatory, we join a prestigious league of partners dedicated to reshaping the financial landscape to support a more sustainable and inclusive global economy.

Our founder, Sveta Banerjee, encapsulates our sentiment perfectly: "Our support for the Abu Dhabi Declaration is a reflection of our essence at IIS. We've always been committed to leveraging finance as a force for good, and now we're taking a significant step forward in this global movement."

The pledge aligns seamlessly with the ever-increasing demand from consumers and businesses alike for investments that not only yield financial returns but also contribute to the welfare of our societies and the preservation of our planet. We're witnessing a paradigm shift where sustainable and impactful business practices are no longer optional; they are essential to corporate strategy and leadership.

In this Year of Sustainability, our collaboration with ADGM and other signatories will focus on creating an ecosystem where sustainable finance can thrive. We are geared up to bring our two decades of expertise to the table, sharing insights and spearheading initiatives that will catalyze impact investing not only in the UAE but across the globe.

Our dedication goes beyond agreements; it is about action. IIS is committed to supporting the United Arab Emirates in achieving its Net Zero by 2050 goals, aiding the transition to a green economy, and cementing Abu Dhabi's position as a hub for sustainable finance.

As we mark this significant partnership, we're reminded of the role financial services play in driving change. At IIS, we stand ready to empower businesses with the tools and capital they need to make a tangible impact on our world.

Our unwavering dedication to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) underlines everything we do, from advising family offices and private investors to supporting governments in creating Impact Investing Hubs. With a presence in diverse markets, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Europe, the US, and the UK, and initiatives like our TV show platform, educational programs, and impact measurement certifications, we're not just part of the conversation – we're leading it.

Join us as we continue to invest in a future that promises thriving societies and a revitalized Earth, for our generation and the ones to come.

Let's make an impact together!

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