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Celebrating a Decade of Impact with Seedstars at Building Bridges 2023

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

What an incredible week we've had at the Seedstars Villa, participating as proud partners and collaborators! A heartfelt thank you to Seedstars for inviting us to be part of this inspirational gathering, marking their 10-year journey of empowering entrepreneurs and Small & Growing Businesses in emerging markets.

From thought-provoking panel discussions on 'Gender Equality in Latin America' and 'Diversity and Inclusion' to immersive experiences showcasing a decade of impact, the Seedstars Villa was a hub of innovation, connection, and transformative ideas.

Event Highlight: The insightful panel discussion on "Startup Engagement and Collaborative Philanthropy: Is this a solution to create global impact at scale?" A big shoutout to Sveta Banerjee for her invaluable insights, and to Tom Sebastian from Seedstars for expertly moderating the conversation. Your contributions were truly impactful!

It was heartwarming to see the global Seedstars family, from Asia to LATAM, come together, celebrating their incredible journey and the collaborative efforts that have driven positive change across regions.

As partners, we were thrilled to engage with global leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators, diving deep into insightful dialogues, discovering investment opportunities, and witnessing the tangible impact Seedstars has made worldwide.

Here's to continued collaboration, innovation, and creating global impact together! Cheers to Seedstars and the entire community driving change.

Let's keep the momentum going! Watch the full panel discussion here

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