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A New Perspective on Climate Change Mitigation: Raising the Quality of Life in Emerging Economies

Authors: Karan Khosla (EarthSafe Enterprises) and Ashok Khosla (Development Alternatives, Club of Rome and IUCN)

In the landscape of international negotiations on climate change, where the norm and progress are still elusive, a fresh perspective emerges from the minds of Karan and Ashok Khosla. Their paper, initially drafted in 2010, challenges the prevailing discourse with a compelling hypothesis: that rapid improvements in the quality of life among the world’s poorest, coupled with targeted interventions, could hold the key to reducing carbon emissions. Here, we delve into their insightful analysis and explore its implications for global climate action.

Insights from the Draft (2010):

The Khoslas' paper navigates the complexities of climate negotiations, highlighting the impasse between developed and developing nations. By addressing the entrenched positions and vested interests, the authors propose a paradigm shift – one that transcends the zero-sum game of blame and instead focuses on shared solutions. They advocate for a strategy that links poverty alleviation and climate mitigation, presenting a compelling argument backed by systemic analysis.

The document elucidates the challenges Currently present in climate negotiations, from disputes over baselines and targets to deeper issues of historical responsibility and equity. It underscores the urgency of action in the face of accelerating climate change and the need for innovative approaches that move beyond traditional frameworks.

At the heart of the Khoslas' thesis lies a hypothesis: by fostering rapid development in emerging economies and empowering marginalized communities, significant reductions in carbon emissions can be achieved. Their approach focus on the intersection with gender empowerment, education, and access to reproductive health services, emphasizing the intrinsic link between human development and environmental sustainability.

At IIS Solutions, we find the insights presented by Karan and Ashok Khosla to be groundbreaking. Their holistic approach, grounded in systemic analysis and driven by a commitment to social justice, aligns with our own ethos of seeking innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. We believe that their research offers valuable lessons for policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders alike, inspiring us to rethink conventional approaches and embrace a more integrated vision of sustainable development.

We extend our gratitude to Karan and Ashok Khosla for their pioneering contributions to the discourse on climate change mitigation and sustainable development.

Note: The content of this blog is based on the draft paper "Raising the Quality of Life in Emerging Economies" by Karan and Ashok Khosla. For the full text of the paper, please refer to the original document. Read more at:

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